Executive Skys Fleet Overview

Executive Skys specialise on providing our clients with the right aircraft type at the right price to suit their travel needs.
Executive Skys offer a wide range of aircraft options for our clients, these range from Turboprop, Light jet, Midsize jets and Heavy jets which are all suitable for the most demanding domestic European or Intercontinental requirement.

Executive Skys representatives will consult with you throughout the whole process to determine your aircraft requirements based on your passenger number, destination and required level of luxury.

However you have the final decision on aircraft size and type. It is up to you.

Please find below information on the different categories of aircraft available as well as individual aircraft specifications within each category.

Helicopter Charter
Private helicopter charter is an ideal alternative to private aircraft charter and allows passengers to gain access to remote destinations where there is no access by private aircraft.
Our private helicopter range can accommodate up to 8 passengers and have a flight distance of up to 500 miles making them suitable for travel within the UK.
We can offer a number of different helicopters that include single or twin engine options to suit any requirement or flight.
Turbo Props
Turboprops are the ideal private aircraft for groups of up to 8 passengers. Turboprops have a range of 1,550 miles and travel at speeds up to 355 miles per hour. Turboprops are ideal for short runways and difficult airfields. The Turbo prop was designed for short flights within Europe including the UK.
Very Light Jets (VLJ's)
Very Light Jets (VLJ) are the new bread in private aircraft.  The VLJ’s are the new alternative to the popular Light Jet and TurboProp aircraft.
The VLJs is an ideal aircraft choice for groups of between 2 and 4 passengers and have a range of 1,290 miles. VLJ’s aircraft can travel at speeds of up to 425 miles per hour so put many UK and Europen airports in reach.
VLJ’s are ideal for passengers who normally charter a Turboprop that are looking to take the first step info the jet range.
Light Jets
Light Jets are recommended for groups of up to 7 passengers. Light Jets have a typical flight range of 2,950 miles and travel at speeds up to 530 miles per hour. These private aircraft are ideal for small groups that plan to visit a number of destinations in a single day. Light Jets are designed for flights longer than an hour and under three hours in duration.
Mid Jets
Midsize private jets can accommodate up to 8 passengers in a “stand up cabin”, the typical flight range of a Midsize jet is approximately 4,000 miles. Due to the aircrafts mix of cabin size/ flight range and speed the Midsize jet is widely considered the work horse of the private jet fleet.
The midsize jet benefits from speeds up to 540 miles per hour and can fly up to 4 hours in comfort and style.

The Midsize jet is great for longer business trips or family holidays.
Heavy Jets
Heavy Jets aircraft are recommended for between 8 and 16 passengers. Heavy jet aircraft are considered the most luxurious private jet in the jet range.
Heavy Jets can fly at speeds of up to 600 miles per hour and have a flight range of approximately 7,000 miles.
Heavy jets are designed for long transatlantic flights and can easily fly from the UK to the US, Middle East and Asia non-stop.
Due to their size Heavy jets usually come with a flight attendant who can prepare hot or cold food during your flight.

Airliner Charter
Airliners are probably the aircraft most travellers are familiar with as they are the primary aircraft used by the commercial airlines around the globe. Most major airlines make aircraft available for charter and there are airlines that are purely charter airlines with their fleets dedicated to charter services. These airliners’ seating configurations are designed to maximize the number of seats available on the aircraft.
Private Airlines are typically configured to seat between 18 and 350 passengers and have a flight rage of between 3 and 12 hours.

Our typical airline charter aircraft are Boeing 737/ 757 / 767, MD 83, Airbus, Fokker BAE 146. For Airliner charter please email us at info@executiveskys.com

* Please note that this is a selection of our fleet and Executive Skys can source larger aircraft to meet your individual requirements.

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