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Do you get frustrated with a long airport check-in, time consuming airport transfers, inconvenient departure times, dates and airports using scheduled flights?  If so, why not consider making your travel more of a pleasure and not a chore.

We have direct access to over 4,900 aircraft which are situated in Europe and around the world, enabling us to offer a range of private aircraft and helicopters at affordable prices to meet your requirements.  Whether it’s for a business meeting, sporting fixture, an event in the UK or Overseas, plus family and group holidays – Executive Skys provide the right size and type(s) of aircraft at a competitive price.

Chartering an aircraft can achieve various cost savings, including less time away from work or home, hotel expenses, meals, travel time to and from airports and other related charges.

Just advise us on your chosen destination, preferred departure airport and schedules, number of passengers and any special requirements.  We will then provide you with an exclusive private aircraft to match your requirements at the best possible price……

Executive Skys – making private air charter simple.

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